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Kidney & Adrenal Support Kit

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Kidney & Adrenal Support Kit

The purpose of this detoxifier is to cleanse the interstitial fluid around the cells and penetrate the cell wall to remove harmful proteins, metals, plaques, and other toxins at a cellular level. It also promotes healthy skin and hair growth and gives the body energy. Taking detox capsules along with a proper diet can aid in weight loss. The adrenal glands, located at the top of each kidney, produce hormones that help the body control blood sugar, burn protein and fat, react to stressors like illness or injury, and regulate blood pressure. Cortisol and aldosterone are two important adrenal hormones, which also control the autonomic nervous system. This compound focuses on kidney filtration and adrenal fatigue and weakness, helping to repair and relax nerves and act as a pain reliever.


Amino acids are the small particles that make up the building block of life, Cellular Structures, and tissues of the human body. When simple amino acids become complex, Yah’ki calls it protein. When we eat essential amino acid alkaline foods, our body breaks down and absorbs these small amino acids. Amino acids are used by our body to make muscle, brain chemicals (neurotransmitters), and other important proteins found in our skin, hair and vital organs.

Amino acids are also used by every cell in the body to generate energy molecules called ATP. Many people take amino acid supplements or have amino acid IVs administered to improve muscle strength, endurance, tissue repair, mood and energy. In our practice, we repeatedly advise our patients to eat highly alkaline electrical foods to ensure they receive proper levels of all the essential amino acids. However, eating adequate amounts of amino acids isn’t always enough. People dealing with viruses, bad bacteria, poor digestion or chronic illness and stress often have difficulty breaking down and assimilating amino acids from food. So you would need assistance from potent electrical herbs!


  • Innercellular Tincture
  • Innercellular Capsules
  • Brain, Nerve, & Adrenal Tincture
  • Brain, Nerve, & Adrenal Capsules
  • Endocrino Balance Tincture
  • Atomic Strengthener Tincture
  • Cellular Regeneration Tea 7oz
  • Hydrangea Root/Nettle Leaf Tea 7oz


Follow instructions on package insert or bottle. Do NOT use if the seal has been broken or tampered with. Keep out of reach of children.

This product is 100% plant based. Herbal compounds must be taken with 64 ounces of water per day. 

These ingredients have been tested and carefully selected by a certified herbalist. Can Not Purchase If Under 21 Years Of Age. Check Ingredients For Allergens.


All tonics, loose teas, herbal leaves, and powders should be refrigerated after seal is broken for longest potency and freshness of herbs. Herbal compounds such as tinctures and capsules do not need to be refrigerated and should be stored in a cool, dark place out of direct light. These methods will guarantee the longest potency and freshness.

All herbal compounds will have an expiration date on the item packages which are effective immediately. If stored correctly, these herbal compounds will last far longer than the recommended expiration date.




All herbal compounds are custom made and cannot be sold to other another person. We do not accept returns, refund, or exchanges.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    Kidney & Adrenal Bundle

    Published by Suzanne McCarthy on Aug 13th 2023

    Unfortunately it took over 30 days for the package to ship and when I received it, it did not contain everything pictured above. It did not have the 3 bitters and there was only 2 bottles of pills instead of 4. Also there was no instructions besides the instructions on the individual items. There was no clear instructions on whether the items should be taken in succession or all at once. Because of this, I have not used the items yet and am attempting to speak to someone about it.

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