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At Yah'ki Awakened, our organic alkaline capsules are naturally wildcrafted from the land of their origin.  Taking herbal botanicals in capsule form is a simple and convenient way to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to promote optimal health and well-being. These products are 100% plant based and have been tested and carefully selected by a certified herbalist. 

Remember, herbal compounds such as tinctures and capsules doesn’t need to be refrigerated and should be stored in a cool, dark place out of direct light. These methods will guarantee the longest potency and freshness. All herbal compounds will have expiration date on item packages effective immediately. If stored correctly these herbal compounds will last far longer than the recommended expiration date.

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All Herbs Are Organic, Alkaline, and Naturally Wildcrafted From the Land of their Origin

All herbs used in our products are 100% naturally organic and are selectively chosen for our protocols. Most of our herbs are also tested by a laboratory before use. Each herbal compound is personally prepared with absolute gratitude for the purpose of restoring health to our clients.

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