Heavy Metal Detox Kit

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The De-Vaxxed Herbal Therapy Package was created to Detox the body and cells of the poisonous chemicals and ingredients that are found inside the Vaxx. While on this herbal therapy, we strongly recommend an all fruit diet consisting of mostly fruit juices. This therapy was carefully formulated to break up mucus and calcification, kill parasites, revitalize and rebuild the cells while supplying Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen to the body, and pairing them up with Monosaccharide Sugar, Phosphate and Nitrogen Bases!  REPAIRING THE DNA AND REWRITING THE GENETIC CODE! DESTROYING ALL FOREIGN PATHOGENS BRINGING THE BODY BACK TO OPTIMAL HEALTH!


.InnerCellular Cleanse Capsule-Less Powder

.InnerCellular Cleanse Tincture

.Brain, Nerve, & Adrenal Capsule-Less Powder

.Brain, Nerve, & Adrenal Tinture

.Licorice Root/Wild Afrikan Yam Root Tea (Notify If You Have High Blood Pressure)

.GI Super Mover Capsule-Less Powder

.Metal Detox Tea

.Brain  Nerve Vital-Max Tea

.Brain Nerve Vital-Max Capsule-Less Powder

.Brain Nerve Vital-Max Tinture

.Thyroid/ParaThyroid Tincture

.Lymphatic Sweep Tonic Tincture

.Lymphatic Sweep Tonic Capsule-Less Powder



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