Healing Preparation Sheet

The most important thing to remember is that you are your own healer! The alkaline fruit diet and herbal packages puts the body in an optimal functioning state so that the body can heal itself.

What should I do prior to receiving my package?

  • Know and believe you have the ability to heal yourself
  • Watch, study and take notes on Yah’ki’s Health Videos about healing in the media section of this site.
  • Yah’ki strongly suggests that you do your own research about your healing process. Compare your research  to the information given by Yah’ki Awakened LLC.
  • Download and study “The Kidney Filtration Chart”. Use it to check if your kidneys are filtering properly.
  • Download and study the “Food Combination Chart”.
  • Make a grocery list and go purchase suggested organic alkaline foods.
  • Prepare your body to efficiently except the herbs by starting your all fruit and/or alkaline diet prior to receiving your herbs.
  • Detach yourself from anything that creates a stressful or toxic environment.
  • Read and study the “What to Expect While Detoxing” sheet so you know and understand all possible detoxing symptoms and how to cope.
  • Be sure to document your healing journey by using a journal, taking pictures, etc.